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Holly's Story...

Holly is a very flashy tricolour pup - but unfortunately also a most un-photogenic pup.  Every possible way to avoid the camera & she managed it :-)

We couldn't choose between Holly & her sister Ebony as youngsters so are growing them both on for a while.  All of the pups in this litter have typical Sheltie temperaments & proved very quick learners.  The two girls were great at showing off how to 'sit' & 'down' at a distance (OK, about four feet away :-~) after only a week (at 11wks old).  They're now four months old and still learning fast.  Due to prolonged illness in the family, we don't have as many puppy picture as usual, but below are some photographs of Holly as she is maturing...      Link to her Pedigree.

Please be patient while this page loads as there are several pictures!

Must keep ourselves amused at 8 weeks...

3 months wagging one of the longest tails I've seen on a Sheltie.


Holly at 4 months - chewing a biscuit, stalking & admiring the view


but I can stand pretty when I have to.........4 months


To be continued as Holly matures...



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