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Cinbaramy Take A Chance On Me...the first pup registered under our Cinbaramy affix.

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Our Affix, "Cinbaramy" is derived from the first three letters of our names...

My wife is "Cindy", I am "Barry" and of course, "Amy Jayne" is our daughter. 

We also name all of our homebred puppies after songs.

We moved house in April 2007 to get more space for the dogs.  Please note that our email addresses remain the same, however we have a new telephone number.

We can be contacted by email at either of the email addresses below or by phoning +44 (0)28 42738044 or +44(0)7711 517036

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Our previous house & just down the house is a work in progress!

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We would love to have your comments (good or bad) about our site and our dogs


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Original site created in the summer of 1996

AJ's expansion in 2000

We figured now was a good time to recombine.  Update in progress...please bear with us!

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